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UI Design

Mobile e-learning application for creatives

E-learning application for creative learning.

The 'created' app aims to provide a user-friendly platform where individuals can enhance their creative skills in various disciplines, such as graphic design, typography, and more.

The problem

Existing e-learning platforms often overwhelm users with a wide range of topics, making it challenging for creative learners to find relevant content. The 'created' app seeks to address this problem by offering a curated and user-friendly platform that caters specifically to creative skill development.

Project Goals

Curated Learning Experience

Offer a curated platform that simplifies the learning process for creative enthusiasts.

User-Friendly Navigation

  • Ensure easy navigation and content discovery through an intuitive interface.

Visual Simplicity

  • Maintain a clean and minimalistic UI design to enhance the learning experience.

Topic Relevance

Provide a focused approach to creative learning, addressing the problem of overwhelming content choices on other platforms.

UX/UI Design Elements


The homepage includes various design elements such as: a welcome message to greet users and set a positive tone, a hamburger menu to provide easy access to navigation options, a search bar to allow users to search for a specific topic or lesson, and topic cards representing different creative topics that a user can learn about.

Lesson Page

The topic page displays a list of lessons for the selected topic where the user can either play a video or bookmark a lesson for later reference. Each lesson has a title, video length, thumbnail image and playback button for simple user interaction. The user can also navigate back to the homepage by clicking on the arrow icon.


  • It’s Nice That
  • AIGA
  • Fonts In Use
  • The Dieline



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Visual Identity

Color Scheme

A natural and earthy palette of greens, cream, and dark gray to evoke a sense of calm and creative growth.


  • Simple, single-toned graphics used on topic cards and video thumbnails provide a clean visual representation of each lesson.

Background Elements

  • Subtle graphical elements like are used to reinforce the nature-like theme and emphasize the element of growth.



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Simplified e-learning 

experience for

creative learners.

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