alexa jarvis

Interactive UI Design

Classic car webpage design

Why this project?

To be honest, I just love Ford Broncos and have always dreamed of owning a classic. But until that dream becomes a reality, I thought, "Why not bring it to life in my own way?"

So, the "Classic Bronco" webpage is really just a passion project showcasing the iconic Ford Bronco. It allowed me to blend =minimalistic design principles with the timeless aesthetics of the Bronco, all in celebration of a classic car that holds a special place in my heart.

Project Goals

Showcase the Classic Car

The primary goal of the webpage is to showcase classic Ford Bronco models through large, visually appealing images.

Highlight Key Specifications

  • Provide basic details about each Bronco, including maximum horsepower, engine type, and maximum torque.

Reflect Bronco Aesthetic

  • Capture the beauty and elegance of the classic Bronco, including its color scheme and iconic features within the UI.

Include Interactive Elements

Create an interactive prototype that includes a navigation button to show the ability to scroll through different models interactive prototype showing animation

Design Elements

Color Scheme

Utilize a color palette inspired by Ford Bronco that blends earthy tones with the color of each car in a smooth gradient.


  • Choose classic font styles to maintain a clean and elegant appearance.


  • Feature large, high-quality images of classic Ford Broncos as the focal point of each page.

Basic Details

Display essential vehicle details such as maximum horsepower, engine type, and maximum torque prominently.

Style Guide


High-fidelity UI design mockups

Design assets, including color codes, typography selections and featured images

Responsive and interactive prototypes